Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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World News

What Can Happen To Your Body After Getting Covid-19

Experts reminded individuals to still be vigilant as those who experience initial Covid-19 infection can still have other diseases.

Indonesia Pushes ASEAN Declaration On Family Development

The human development minister in Indonesia urged the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to provide programs promoting family development.

Massive Efforts Needed Worldwide To Reduce Table Salt Intake

The World Health Organization disclosed the alarming number of sodium intake worldwide, following its serious healthcare risks to people.

Swiss Baker’s Largest Wearable Cake Dress Creation Sets New Guinness World Record

Swiss Baker Natasha Fokas has set a new Guinness World Record for her largest wearable cake dress creation that weighed an extraordinary 131.15 kilogram.

4-Year-Old Boy Eyes Guinness Record For Writing Books

A British boy is set to make history for the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest boy to publish a book and series.

PH Announces Fresh PHP5.4 Million Aid To Yemen

The Philippine government pledged PHP5.4 million to support the humanitarian aid operations in Yemen.

UAE Summit: Respect In Workplace Helps Women Succeed

During the Global Women Summit 2023, the attendees highlighted the role of women in the workplace during their discussion.

Abu Dhabi Global Summit Highlights Roles, Struggles Of Women

The United Arab Emirates is set to lead the opening of the Global Women Summit 2023, emphasizing the essence of females worldwide.

Global Food Prices Drop For 10th Straight Month In January

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recorded a decrease in global food prices as the cost for some necessities dropped.

ASEAN Mulls More Wetlands As Heritage Parks

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations plans to have more wetlands in Asia to serve as heritage parks to boost conservation efforts in the ecosystem.