Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Hazel Cunanan


Thailand Leads Southeast Asia In Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage Law

This Pride Month, Thailand makes history as the first in Southeast Asia to recognize same-sex marriage.

“I Did Not Get Paid”: Artist Jef Albea’s Unpaid Trophies Stir Up MUPH

Jef Albea vs. MUPH: The artist's fight for fair compensation sparks a viral debate.

SM Megamall Gets A Makeover? A Facebook Post Reveals

The internet is exploding with reactions to SM Megamall's makeover details - discover more from a viral Facebook post!

Taiwan Extends Visa-Free Entry For Philippine Passport Holders To July 2025

It's official: Taiwan extends visa-free entry for Filipino travelers until 2025, making it the perfect destination for your next getaway.

This Is Why You Should Not Change Seats On A Flight

What would you do if a seat swap landed you in hot water? Know the hidden risks of changing seats on a flight.

Pinay Mom At 36 Graduates Summa Cum Laude, Chancellor’s Award In U.S. College

You won't want to miss the story of this Filipina mom who graduated summa cum laude in the U.S.!

Senior Citizens Aged 67 And 74 Graduate High School, Proving It’s Never Too Late To Learn

High school graduation is a milestone for all ages: Congratulations to these two seniors!

This Airline Introduces VIP Travel For Your Furry Friends

Ever thought of flying first-class with your dog? This international airline makes it possible!

5 Ways To Take Graduation Photos Without Breaking The Bank

Graduation day memories shouldn't cost a fortune! Learn how to master budget-friendly photos!

21-Year-Old Pinay Graduates With Highest Honors From US Coast Guard Academy

Know the inspiring story of a Pinay who made her mark in history as she graduated with highest honors from the US Coast Guard Academy.

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