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Regions 6 Eyes Louder Voice, Stronger Force In Congress Through Uswag Ilonggo

Regions 6 Eyes Louder Voice, Stronger Force In Congress Through Uswag Ilonggo


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The 2022 national and local elections bring big hopes not only for the Ilonggos but also for the whole Western Visayas. And it is now high time for Region 6 to have a regional partylist.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas is optimistic, too, that the upcoming 2022 elections can bring more positive changes and developments for Region 6.

“We will be sending again our respective district’s representatives. Alongside these representations, it will be very beneficial for us, for every municipality, city, province, ultimately, for Region 6 as a whole, to send to the Congress additional representations,” Treñas said.

The city mayor believes that the more representations Western Visayas will have in the House of Representatives, the louder its voice and stronger its force to effect legislations that are beneficial and essential for the region. Uswag Ilonggo will be that extra force essential to reinforce the voices of concerns for the region as a whole.

Region 6 was one of the hardly hit areas by the COVID-19 pandemic. The economy plummeted. Many businesses ceased operations. Thousands lost their jobs. Daily lives entirely changed. But also because of the pandemic, Western Visayans have learned to unite to become more resilient in braving the challenges brought by the pandemic.

“We are optimistic that by next year, the true sustainable rebound will happen. We hope that truly, building back will no longer be derailed,” Treñas said. “We aim to achieve not just normal Region 6, we aim for a better Region 6.”

Western Visayas is the fifth most populated area in the Philippines, according to the 2020 Census of Population and Housing. As of May 1, 2020, the region’s population size reached 7,954,723, which was 5.55 percent higher than the 7,536,383 (August 1) 2015 Census of Population.


Here’s the provincial breakdown of the region’s population based on the latest census:

* Negros Occidental – 2,633,172 or an increase of 125,911

* Iloilo – 2,051,899 or increase of 115,473

* Capiz – 804,952 or an increase of 43,558

* Aklan – 615,475 or an increase of 40,652

* Antique – 612,974 or an increase of 30,952

* Guimaras – 187,842 or an increase of 13, 229


With the Region 6’s population size, Treñas affirmed that having a regional partylist alongside respective district representatives in the Congress will be a big help for the region, particularly in uplifting the lives of the people.

“As the saying goes, ‘More heads are better than one.’ Thus, ‘more voices’ in the Congress is simply better. As one region, we will send a formidable force into the House of Representatives,” said Treñas.

Uswag Ilonggo aims to promote tourism by providing the venue for municipalities and provinces to develop their products and services. By providing trainings, hospitality management skills and tourism-based projects will be improved.

With livelihood and education as its primary thrust, Uswag Ilonggo is indeed committed to uplift the lives of the Western Visayans through inclusive high impact projects.

“We are not selfish in prioritizing the welfare of our region, thus we aim to create more jobs and innovate more on education. On the contrary, making our region better is not just beneficial to our fellow ‘ka-Rehiyon Sais,’ it is our contribution for a better Philippines. We will be proud to say that Region 6, by being better, contributes to the welfare of our great nation,” the Iloilo City mayor further stated.

Yes, the region’s mayors, representatives, governors, and the respective councils have their respective political affiliations. And Treñas said that Uswag Ilonggo will serve as an additional force to effect such aspirations. Those adversities will be united in one universal aspiration – the welfare of respective constituency.

“This is what we call “SYNERGY” in our home and valued Region 6. Above political preferences, affiliations, or what we refer to as color, this regional partylist is here as the manifestation and embodiment of Region 6 as ONE,” Treñas added.

Photo Credit: Facebook/JerryTrenasOfficial

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