Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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5 Most Popular Budol-Worthy Items Among Filipino Shoppers At Shopee’s Nov 30 Payday Sale

Check out Shopee’s top recommendations for your next and perhaps the last and biggest Shopee budol of this year!

10 Most Popular TikTok Videos That You Can’t Stop Watching

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13 Fun Party Games To Play For The Whole Family

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MUP Queens Who End Their Relationships After Winning The Beauty Pageant

Behind every crowning moment is a missing piece of a romantic relationship. Find out the story behind these Miss Universe Philippines queens who ended up losing their partners after their reign.

5 DIY Ideas To Recycle Your Disposable Face Shields

Don’t throw your face shields yet, because you might create something useful out of these DIY hacks!

9 Life-Changing Cooking Hacks To Save Your Time And Energy This Christmas

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Filipino Celebrity Couples Who Split Up This “2021 Year Of Breakups”

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8 Kitchen Organizers You Can Add To Your Walk-In Pantry

Check out these budget-friendly kitchen organizers that you can buy online to start your walk-in-pantry makeover before the year ends.

10 Filipino Celebrities Who Opt For An Aesthetic Lifestyle

Learn about these 10 inspiring Filipino celebrities who, despite their wealth, chose to live a modest and healthy lifestyle.

7 Reasons Why Unfriending Someone On Social Media Is Not That Bad

Here are reasons why 'unfriending' someone might even be good for you!

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