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Students Encouraged To Take Up Sports-Related Courses

Students Encouraged To Take Up Sports-Related Courses

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Aside from popular college courses, the University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin) encourages students to pursue sports degrees for its burgeoning prominence.

In an interview on Tuesday, Dr. Jezreel Abarca, chairperson of the UPMin Department of Human Kinetics, said sports science offers a wide variety of careers that they can pursue, such as working with programs at the professional, collegiate, and high school levels.

“We aim to produce globally competitive graduates with intercultural skills who are responsive to the need of Mindanao in promoting sports and human movement sciences through an evidence-based approach in instruction, research, extension, and public service,” Abarca said.

Sports-related academic programs aim to equip graduates with the ability to apply concepts of exercise physiology and human bioenergetics in the context of sports performance, physical activity, and injury prevention, she said.

“The students are also taught the socio-cultural aspects of sport and exercise to produce well-rounded practitioners,” she added.

Dr. Lyre Anni Murao, UPMin chancellor, said instituting sports programs provide opportunities for students to explore their careers in sports.

Sports is an option for students, not just traditional career paths like engineering or medicine. Our program allows them to experience sports and include it in their career path,” Murao said.

Sports and fitness practitioners, coordinators, directors, and program heads in Mindanao convened over the weekend to collaborate on strategic actions that would contribute to sustainable sports development programs for Mindanao. (PNA)