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Cold Places In The Philippines Where You Can Celebrate Christmas With Loved Ones

Cold Places In The Philippines Where You Can Celebrate Christmas With Loved Ones

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The Philippines only has rainy and sunny seasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience at least a chilly Christmas.

Filipinos flock to cold places such as Baguio and Tagaytay from Christmas until New Year; it gets so crowded that you cannot enjoy taking pictures with the family.

No need to hustle for accommodations because these places around the country can give you a summer and winter feeling; it’s wintertime!

1. Hinulugang Taktak National Park, Antipolo

Feel the cold mist from the luscious green scenery at Hinulukang Taktak National Park in Antipolo; you can even experience dipping under a 70-foot-tall waterfall that has the right temperature.

If you prefer to stay dry and catch up with family, you can gather up and have a picnic or potluck at the gazebos. There are also tables nearby if you want to be close to nature.

You can also stop by the statue of Our Lady of Peace near the waterfall to pray for more blessings, after which you can enjoy other bonding activities in the park such as canopy walks, wall climbing, and rappelling.

2. Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental

Don Salvador Benedicto, or DSB, is also called Little Baguio because of a temperature drop of 16 °C, and you can enjoy the breeze from its mountain scenery.

Some activities you and your family could do are admiring pine trees at the 1.7km main road of Barangay Igmayan, viewing from the road the ‘cigarette’ waterfall named Malatan-og Falls, or enjoying a 15-minute hike to Mayana Peak.

This is a good destination if you want to see the beauty of Mother Nature and discover something new in the Philippines.

3. Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Unwind and rewind with the winds of Vigan City. While this tourist spot is popular for summer getaways, not many know that the city’s temperature drops to 24 °C, which is not too warm to enjoy the holidays.

You can go around historical places such as Calle Crisologo, Bantay Bell Tower, and the Baluarte to admire the remains of the past while making new memories with the family.

The street gets livelier when the night comes, so you have plenty of time to go around Vigan City to explore the culture and traditions.

4. Itbayat, Batanes

Being close to the equator, Itbayan in Batanes is a good chilly place, as the temperature drops to 7°C from November until February.

With a tour guide, you can travel by boat in the large sea for 3–4 hours. While it may take a while, the view is worth it, of course. Having gained the certificate of ancestral domain in 2004, there are worthy places to discover on the island.

There are archeological sites, the natural drainage ‘Manuyuk’, or travel to Karoobooban, which stands 277 meters above sea level and is the highest point of the island. A family adventure is surely a big twist for Christmas.

5. Calamba, Laguna

Refreshing air and hot springs are available in Calamba and Laguna, but particularly in Pansol, which is located on Mt. Makiling. Even below, you already get to feel the breeze with a hint of green nature.

You can take a picturesque moment during sunset in Laguna de Bay and try jet-skiing or boat sailing, perfect for new recreational activities with the family.

But don’t forget to get a picture as a souvenir of the city’s famous Banga, or giant claypot, and ancient granite rockpoint. You can always do the bird-watching, nature gazing, and camping below the mountain.

These places will hype up your family this holiday, allowing them to enjoy new places with a bunch of activities aside from the usual Christmas-themed parks and attractions.