This Face Mask Is Inspired By The Iconic Good Morning Towel


Face masks have been the most essential item that people should have at hand these days. But just because Filipinos are trying to survive a pandemic, doesn’t mean they did not channel their creativity in wearing one.

Over the course of this global health crisis, you have definitely seen people, whether on social media or the news, wearing and selling face masks that come in different style and variations. Some refused to lose their signature style and sewed their own for a more personalized feeling. Others got themselves assorted colors so it coordinates well with their outfits. Heart Evangelista influenced her followers to design face masks that make it seem like the face mask was manufactured by international high-fashion brands.

Speaking of brands, Rada Collab has partnered with local artist Vanilla Arucan, and launched a face mask inspired by the Good Morning Towel.

If you aren’t familiar, Good morning Towel is a famous brand that has become a staple in Filipino households. It is made up of Rada Collab’s abaca material, which was proven to be “seven times better than the normal cloth face mask when it comes to filtration and protection”.

Jeepney drivers and newborn babies are known to be users of this product.

Filipinos loved how quirky this is, and it shows. Due to popular demand, the initial plan to sell only 30 pieces has now exceeded 800 units!

Join in on the trend and get yourself one for ₱250.00. Purchasing one also gives a portion of the sales to the artist.

Check out the Good Morning Face Mask here.