Monday, January 17, 2022

8 Kitchen Organizers You Can Add To Your Walk-In Pantry

8 Kitchen Organizers You Can Add To Your Walk-In Pantry


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year to start decluttering your kitchen and reorganizing the order of things. Staying organized might be difficult, but this new set of kitchen organizers, cases, stalls, and other item hacks with limited scope will help you keep your kitchen looking fashionable and clean.

Check out these budget-friendly kitchen organizers that you can buy online to start your walk-in-pantry makeover before the year ends.

1. Tissue Hanger

Starts at Php 39

Don’t know where to put tissues for the kitchen? In that case, you should buy this single rod for your tissue paper roll to look proper and nice. This item is made of plastic to avoid rust and can be used for years. You can put it on any part of your cabinet or kitchen wall, but before that make sure that you choose the color that suits the paint of your cabinet or wall.

2. Kitchen Storage Rack Self Adhesive Wall Organizer

Starts at Php 51

If you need a storage organizer that only takes up a little space for your condiments, pick up this plastic Kitchen Storage Rack Self Adhesive Wall Organizer. You may install it in your wall without worrying about it falling because it is designed to absorb surfaces.

3. Stainless Steel Hanging Wall Organizer

Starts at Php 99

This Stainless Steel Hanging Wall Organizer can keep sharp cooking tools in a higher and safer place, away from your children. You can opt between screws or stickers for installation depending on your wall.

4. Food Storage Box Container Set

Price starts at Php 48.00

Have you grown accustomed to pouring grains from plastic? Then perhaps it’s time to stray from your usual routine and tailor your goods and supplies to this clear tank food storage. This product is simple to use, hold, and pour. With the elegant hue of the jar’s cover, it can blend in with your kitchen.

5. Double Layer Kitchen Shelf

Price starts at Php 125

This two-tiered kitchen shelf is simple to transfer from room to room and can store additional kitchen tools. Knives, condiments, and dishes. Just choose a hue that complements the color of your pantry and cabinets to make it look more elegant.

6. 3 in 1 kitchen storage box

Price starts at Php 169

Lack of strainer? This 3 in 1 Storage Box is invented for you to separately liquid drains from vegetables to fruits before putting them in your freezer or table. The same box can also work in drying the meat to prevent it from being soaked.

7. Drain Cup Shelf

Price starts at Php 199

This Drain Cup Shelf creates a relaxing atmosphere in your walk-in pantry. This product is really simple but elegant, and it will go well with your kitchen counters. Aside from cups, any drinking glass can be stored and drained here.

8. 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Trolley Cart

Price starts at Php 549

Are you tired of circling the block to grab what you need while cooking? Worry no more, because this shopping cart shelf with 4-wheels that is easy to move and clean can now hold all of your food, drinks, and kitchen supplies in one convenient location.

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