Friday, August 6, 2021

10 Compelling Student Docus Worth Watching On iWANT

10 Compelling Student Docus Worth Watching On iWANT


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Knowledge Channel’s “Class Project: Intercollegiate Mini-Documentary Competition” has served as a haven for aspiring documentarists in highlighting Filipino values and culture and telling inspiring stories in today’s society. On its third year, the competition in partnership with ABS-CBN, DocuCentral, and Philippine Association of Communication Educators (PACE), delivered once again 10 remarkable student documentaries that viewers can now watch on iWant for free!

Here are the ten must-watch “Class Project” winning mini-documentaries:

1.) The dedication of “Titser Gennie”

It revolves around the story of Gennie, an Aeta teacher, whose dedication to her profession traverses heights, as she treks the trails of Sitio Tarukan daily to teach Aeta children. In the docu, she narrates her struggles and triumphs in becoming a licensed teacher. “Titser Gennie,” produced by students from the University of Makati, won first prize in the recent Class Project 2019.

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