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Amanpulo: A Splurge-Worthy Beach Resort

Amanpulo: A Splurge-Worthy Beach Resort


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When you think you’ve already known the wonders of Palawan has to offer, then this private island will make you feel the true meaning of leisure.

One of the islands of the Cuyo archipelago, Pamalican island houses the picturesque private beach resort ‘Amanpulo’, which is blessed with serene waters, powdery white sand, and a tranquil aura.

Amanpulo is derived from the terms “aman” (peace) and “pulo” (island). Unlike other beach paradises, you can only reach this Eden if you board a 70-minute flight on a private plane that is exclusive to the island.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a red carpet and picked up by golf carts to escort them to their respective villas or casitas. Due to the impressive size of the island (89 hectares), the golf cart will also be used by guests to roam around the island as they wish.

The resort also has 42 casitas and 18 villas that have beach front access. Chilling and walking on the 5.5-kilometer white sand beach are not the only things guests can do here, because Amanpulo also offers water adventure experiences like scuba diving, sunset cruises, fishing, and even sailing. Even though the waters are calm, you can spice up the adventure with kite surfing.

Chefs also freshly pick their produce for their dishes to serve the classic taste and richness of the island. A picnic off-shore is also an option with their kawayan bar.

It doesn’t stop there because this resort also has a spa, gym, yoga, tennis courts, treatment suites, hydrotherapy suites, pilates studio, finishing salon, and an outdoor jungle run obstacle course.

This place is a paradise that will shock your bank account. A hillside casita will cost you PHP 60,394, while their beach pool casita costs PHP 123,236. And lastly, the 4-bedroom lagoon villas at PHP 4,037,957.

This island is owned by Seven Seas Resorts and Leisure Incorporated, of which 62% of its ownership is owned by Anscor Holdings, also known as A. Soriano Corporation. ANSCOR is also responsible for the private plane, Island Aviation Inc., that escorts guests to the island.


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