Zambo Village Uses Solar-Powered Street Lights

Taluksangay, located 19 kilometers east of City Hall, became the first village to use renewable energy among this city’s 98 barangays.

This, as Taluksangay, now uses solar power to light up the main thoroughfare of the barangay.

Abdurahman Nuño, Taluksangay barangay chairperson, on Monday said they have allocated PHP1 million to implement the project.

Nuño said they have initially installed 18 solar street lights in the barangay. The project was inaugurated on December 1.

He said that they envisioned to adding more solar street lights by next year.

He said they will also install similar lights at the barangay complex which houses the health and day care centers and the playground.

Nuño, who has served for several years as city councilor, said he learned about the solar-powered light project during his travel to Indonesia.

He said project will greatly help them in the peace and order campaign since the entire barangay will soon be lighted at night with solar street lights.

Taluksangay, which has some 10,000 population, is where the fist Islamic culture was introduced in 1885 and where the first mosque was constructed as well as the first center of Islam propagation in the region. (PNA)

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