Top 10 Hong Kong Street Food To Try

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If there is one thing that connects all people from across the globe that would most likely be food. I believe we all silently acknowledge food as the true universal language which speaks through its aromas, flavors and, ultimately, taste. Words are really just secondary when it comes to food and it is because of this that most, if not all, countries primarily use food to make visitors experience their country’s culture the best.

Hong Kong, a major tourist hotspot, is one of those countries that really take advantage of their abundant and variant food ranging from Michelin-star restaurants, affordable everyday eateries and, what is likely the most popular and cheapest option for locals and travelers alike, their street food scattered all throughout the island country. A little money can already go a long way in both amount and taste when it comes to Hong Kong street food and—upon finding oneself in the very country—is surely something that is a must try.

So here is a list of top 10 street food to try when in Hong Kong.

1. Eggettes / Egg Waffles

These over-sized bubble wrap-looking delicacies are made out of eggs, flour, sugar and evaporated milk which, once mixed together, is poured into a specific griddle that gives these waffles its signature bubble look. Normally, most eggette kiosks or stores sell it plain which is just as delicious as when it is flavored with green tea or chocolate just to name a few. Some sellers may even thrown in a few toppings to spice things up.

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