Monday, January 17, 2022

This Group Helps You Upcycle Your Face Shields

This Group Helps You Upcycle Your Face Shields


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Now that the government has removed the use of face shields in selected areas in the country, the most common question on social media is where people will store their face shields, which contain harmful chemicals that can affect the environment.

Worry not, because the Plastic Flamingo or known as “The Plaf”, a local organization that specializes in converting plastic waste into sustainable construction materials, is ready to assist.

“Face shields? MINE PLS!” The Plaf posted.

Through its network of collaborations within and beyond Metro Manila, the Plaf, which was created in 2019, targets to collect 500 metric tons of plastic garbage by year’s end and 2,000 tons by 2023.

You can either drop off your face shields near your home or have them delivered by courier.

Alternatively, since the holiday season is approaching, you can otherwise turn your face shields into something helpful yourself, such as a Christmas lantern or a horn.

Moreover, The Plaf also accepts other types of plastic materials such as plastic packaging from online shops, plastic bags, bubble wraps, any type of plastic bottles, plastic Tupperware, plastic egg trays and single-use sachet packs.

Visit for drop offs.


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