Take Out A Box Of 8 Classic Pan Chicken From Pancake House For Just Php 69 A Piece

With the rainy season pouring in, the gloomy weather can make us all feel lazy and want to bundle up at home with our families; and instead of dining out, sometimes it’s just as satisfying to take-out and eat in with a warm plate of comfort food.

That is why Pancake House has the perfect solution to help you beat the rainy-day blues. Choose to Feel Good in the comfort of your own home with a Box of 8 Classic Pan Chicken! With a marked down price of PHP 545, enjoy a generous serving of this savory and succulent crowd favorite and get a FREE 1.5-liter of Coca-Cola, as well. This special offer is valid for take-out transactions only, from August 15 to October 15, in participating Pancake House stores nationwide.

“Just as the rain shows no sign of stopping, neither do the celebrations of our 45th anniversary. Over the next coming months, we want to continue delivering goodness to our customers, starting right at their doorsteps with the well-loved Classic Pan Chicken,” said Pancake House Senior Marketing Manager Cherry Hernandez. “We hope that this delicious offering shows just how they can always Choose to Feel Good with Pancake House, no matter where they are.”

Do not miss this limited offering and treat yourself to a box of Classic Pan Chicken this rainy season from Pancake House! For more information, please visit facebook.com/PancakeHousePhilippines.