Siargao Lagoon Temporarily Closed For Annual Rehab


The Sugba Lagoon in Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte, one of Siargao Island’s most popular destinations, is temporarily closed to tourists and visitors starting Friday.

The temporary closure of the lagoon, which is done annually, will last for a month or until February 10 this year.

Del Carmen Vice Mayor Alfredo Corro II told Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Saturday that the temporary closure is a regular measure implemented by the local government unit (LGU) to allow the lagoon to recover and heal.

“This is an annual recovery program being done by the municipal government of Del Carmen that started four years ago,” Corro said.

He added that like human beings, nature too needs a considerable break to allow healing and recovery.

The vice mayor clarified the temporary closure of the Sugba Lagoon is also based on a Sangguniang Bayan Resolution approved by the town’s local legislators four years ago.

“We have to make sure that the beauty and wonder of the lagoon are maintained and preserved not only for the tourists and visitors today but also for our future generation,” Corro said.

He also encouraged tourists and visitors to pay a visit to other tourism sites in Del Carmen town, to include the Kawhagan Island Sand Bar, the Pamomoan Beach Resort, and the Crystal Cave of Barangay Caub.

The Department of Tourism in the Caraga Region (DOT-13) welcomed the temporary closure of the Sugba Lagoon with the purpose of allowing it to heal and recover for a certain period.

DOT-13 OIC-regional director Mary Jean Camarin said on Friday they have posted on their website the advisory about the lagoon’s one-month temporary closure.

“The temporary closure of Sugba Lagoon was the call of the local government in the area. This has been implemented for four years with the aim of allowing the lagoon to recover,” Camarin said.

Camarin noted that the DOT has nothing to do with the temporary closure of Sugba Lagoon as the measure solely rested on the local government.

“We fully support the move of the local government of Del Carmen. The DOT-13, through advisory, encouraged tourists and visitors to visit the other destinations in the town as the lagoon will be closed for a month,” she said. (PNA)