Nikkie Tutorials Comes Out As A Transgender Woman

Youtuber Nikkie de Jager (also known as Nikkie Tutorials) comes out as a transgender on January 13 in a video titled, I’m Coming Out, uploaded on her Youtube channel.

“When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body which means that I am transgender. It’s so surreal saying this. Filming this video is scary, but it feels so liberating and freeing. I’ve been wanting to share this side of myself to all of you for so long, but I could never figure out the timing.

I am Nikkie Tutorials, and I am Nikkie. I am me. We don’t need labels. If we are going to put labels on it—yes, I am transgender. But at the end of the day, I am me. And at the end of the day, you are you,” Nikkie shared in the candid video.

“By the time I was 19, I fully transitioned,” she said, adding that she had undergone transition while on Youtube.

At the age of 14, Nikkie uploaded her first-ever video on Youtube and also started taking hormones and growth stoppers.

According to the beauty mogul, this decision only came about after being blackmailed by someone that they would leak her story to the press.

“Now, some of you may still question why in the intro I said that I didn’t think today would be the day. I’ve always wanted to share the side of my story with you, I just wanted to do it under my conditions. But apparently, we live in a world where other people hate [on] people that are truly themselves.

I have been blackmailed by people that wanted to “leak” my story to the press, and at first, it was frightening. It was frightening to know that there are people out there that are so evil, that they can’t respect someone’s true identity. It is vile, and it is gross. And I know you are watching this. They said they wanted to leak this because I’m lying or that I don’t want to tell my truth or because they feel like I’m too scared for people to know who I truly am, but I’m not scared.”

“So to the people who tried to blackmail me and thought that they could really mess up my life with that, this one’s for you. *puts up middle finger* I hope you can sit nicely on it,” she continued.

But as you know, we are the woke generation. And whenever someone shares their brave, inspiring stories to the virtual world, we’re all about spreading the love, positivity, and acceptance— things that some LGBTQ’s still crave to this day. With over 208,000 tweets (as of publishing) here are the messages and reactions about Nikkie’s coming out on Twitter:

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