Neutrogena And BDJ Power Planner Partner In Helping Filipinas See What’s Possible

When was the last time you allowed yourself to explore the what-ifs? Did you ever dare to make any of it happen?

Neutrogena and the Belle de Jour Power Planner community gathered multi-talented Filipinas in an afternoon of a visioning workshop last April 25 at the Happy Garden Cafe Makati, with the goal of helping the focus on their dreams and see it with clarity. In line with the skincare brand’s campaign “See What’s Possible” and BDH’s thrust on the magic of dreams, the brands work together to help these women explore their untapped potential and turn it into reality.

What is your vision for yourself?

The visioning activity took place as a Vision Board part, led by the country’s premier Vision Board Coach, Trixie Esguerra. The women learned together that a vision board is a powerful tool to tap into one’s subconscious and achieve clarity about what they really desire in life. This can be used to visualize even the most specific aspects of life, like:

– dream home
– travel goals
– vision for business or career
– even relationship goals — romantic or otherwise

The workshop challenged the attendees to get out of their comfort zones and explore different possibilities outside their limiting beliefs. Trixie encouraged them, “The only person stopping you from becoming greater than you already are is yourself,” she pointed out, “so now give yourself the permission to dream, and to dream big!”

Pushing the limits

As the brand that always challenges the boundaries, Neutrogena showed how their products continuously push the limits of skincare, starting with the newly formulated Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser.

Established dermatologist, board-certified dermatologist of Institut Dermalogique and an author, Dr. Mabelle Fernandez-Colayco, talked about the science of Pure Glycerin, the key ingredient which set apart Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser from the other cleansers in the market. She also shared how this is beneficial, not just in cleaning the skin, but actually giving back nourished flow as one cleanses with it.

See What’s Possible and Magic of Dreams

During this powerful time, Neutrogena truly filled its role as the enabler of women to see what’s possible. Assistant brand manager for beauty, Fitz Richard Domingo, shared why it was important to show what it meant to see what’s possible with this group. “The first humans explored what’s possible during their time, which eventually helped us evolve into an advanced species far more superior than other animals. If we want to keep evolving and to keep getting better, we must really help each other see what’s possible.”

Meanwhile, the Belle de Jour Power Planner community recognize that a realized dream not only benefits the dreamer but the collective of the people who will be affected by a dream-turned-to-reality. Dar Ty-Nilo, founder and President of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, mentioned that empowering Filipinos also means lifting up the entire nation, “An old cliche goes, ‘We rise by lifting each other up,” she said, “How can we see a better Philippines if we don’t encourage Filipinos to dream?”

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