Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Jayda Avanzado’s ‘Paano Kung Naging Tayo?’ Wins Best MV In New York Film Fest

Jayda Avanzado’s ‘Paano Kung Naging Tayo?’ Wins Best MV In New York Film Fest


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Jayda Avanzado has exceeded the expectations of many with her directorial debut in “Paano Kung Naging Tayo?” that won Best Music Video at the International Film Festival Manhattan 2021.

Avanzado revealed that her first directed music video was recognized and bagged a major award in the International Film Fest.

“I’m over the moon to announce that “paano kung naging tayo?” has won “best music video” at the International Film Festival Manhattan 2021!!” she said.

“Never would’ve seen it coming that my directorial debut into the world of music video directing would be recognized as my first win in a category like this,” Avanzado continued.

Avanzado is the only daughter of Filipino celebrity singing couple Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado, who also supported her in writing the lyrics.

She also starred in the music video along with actor and ex-PBB housemate Rhys Miguel, in which she collaborated with Edrex Sanchez in directing the video.

“My co direk @edrexclyde, we did it rekdi!! Thank you for guiding me, collaborating, and being with me throughout this whole process! not to mention, for also helping and allowing me to grow as a creator whenever we work together! I appreciate you! You and I both know how much this project means to the both of us, I won’t forget our very emotional session editing this one,” Avanzado said.

The first-time director also expressed her gratitude towards ABS-CBN Star Music, Miguel, and all who have been part of her success.

“To the rest of the team, @starmusicph, @ecsfilms, my co-star @rhys_miguel, and everybody else involved, this couldn’t have been done without you guys! I say this time and time again but it’s really true that this is your award just as much as it is ours!” she said.

Released on Valentine’s Day this year, “Paano Kung Naging Tayo?” has raked over a million views on YouTube.

Watch the official music video of Paano Kung Naging Tayo here:

Source: https://www.instagram.com/jayda/

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