Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ilocos Norte Beefs Up Livestock Supply

Ilocos Norte Beefs Up Livestock Supply


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Owing to the increasing demand for meat and poultry products due to the African swine fever (ASF) affecting Luzon areas, the Ilocos Norte government continues to distribute piglets and upgraded chicken to the less fortunate residents of the province.

On Tuesday, a total of 50 beneficiaries from the towns of Sarrat, Piddig, Carasi, and Vintar received one piglet each while 186 received 10 pullets and one cockerel each to supplement their livelihood.

With the continuing threat of ASF and other infectious diseases, Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) chief Dr. Loida Valenzuela said Tuesday they are continuing the animal dispersal program to boost food security and sustainable livelihood.

In order to have a year-round supply of piglets to sustain the swine dispersal project in the province, each of the beneficiaries shall give back at least two piglets or weanlings to the provincial government after two years. In three to four months, the beneficiaries are guaranteed cash from the sale of their pigs as the demand for “longganisa” (sausage) and “bagnet” (crispy pork) are very high.

“The piglets will be monitored through vaccination and administration of vitamins,” said Valenzuela, adding that beneficiaries shall shoulder the animal housing, feedstock, and labor as counterpart.

The continuing livestock distribution funded by the Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with the provincial government, was complemented with at least 100 sacks of feeds and multivitamins to ensure that the animal dispersal program will be sustained amid the threat of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Governor Matthew Joseph Manotoc who led the distribution at the Sarrat municipal covered court on Tuesday said the “government continues to provide additional livelihood to needy, with or without Covid”. (PNA)

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