FRNK(ly), Here’s What We Think – FRNK Milk Bar Review

FRNK Milk Bar is the newly opened beverage shop in Glorietta 3. Unlike the booming milk tea shops where you can only control the sugar level of your drink, this first-ever authentic Japanese Milk Bar’s drinks are completely handcrafted and there are more healthier options for thosie who have dietary specifications such as gluten-free and dairy-free. Drinks  are highly customizable and have low-calorie content.

The tea component of the drinks are specially crafted in Kyoto by a Japanese company, Morihan.

The lounge area is quite small but extremely aesthetic. The mix of Light Salmon and Royal Blue in the walls, tables and seats were speaking volumes on chicness, neatness and class. They also display Japanese art on the walls which capture the process of growing their tea leaves.


Onto the review, I tried the Baked Purple Chizu and Blue Lava Miruku with 293 calories and 126 calories respectively.

Baked Purple Chizu

I honestly had high expectations of their drinks. When I heard it was a Milk Bar, I expected their drinks to be rich in flavor. Although I do commend their transparency with the calorie content and ingredients list of the drinks.

For the Baked Purple Chizu, the ingredients were Purple Yam, Purple Yam Jam, Cheese and Blue Tea Pearls. It had light taste and consistency. The taste of the Purple Yam was lightly there but was more enhanced when you scoop the Yam Jam on the side. I barely tasted the cheese in the drink but the Blue Tea Pearls were perfect. It was smaller than the regular pearl sinkers in milk teas but it was extremely chewy!

Ordered in the size small, the Baked Purple Chizu costs Php 115.

Blue Lava Miruku

Moving onto the Blue Lava Miruku, it consists of Blue Tea, Basil Drops, Blue Tea Pearls, Dark Sugar and Fresh Milk.  This drink closely tastes like milk tea. The infusion of the Blue Tea tastes exquisite with the fresh milk. It reminds of milk tea, but a fresh new flavor that is a must-try for all milk tea enthusiasts out there!

Ordered the size small as well, this drink costs Php 85.

Final Verdict

Overall, I would rate my FRNK Milk Bar experience a 9/10. They seem to have brought a new and exciting way of enjoying beverages in this tropical weather. The pricing is pretty much at par with the milk teas we enjoy. Though I would say I want more richness and “creamy-ness” on my future drinks as the Baked Purple Chizu seems to be pretty bland without the right amount of cheese.

Their wider and sustainable options are laudable though as they give much freedom for their customers. As aforementioned, they offer wider and healthier alternatives to their ingredients as well as the option to use your own tumbler and ditch the plastic straws to reduce usage of single-use plastics.

100% would recommend even to my fellow milk tea lovers who are lactose-intolerant!


Kokoa Magma

What do you get when you turn a carton of milk into a chocolate volcano?

I expected this drink to be a creamy and decadent treat exploding with chocolatey goodness. Instead, I was quite disappointed to taste what seemed to be Dunkin Donuts’ Icy Choco, albeit a thicker and richer one. But maybe this can be traced to my ill-informed assumptions, …since FRNK doesn’t lie when they call themselves a milk bar: kokoa magma was more milky than chocolatey. Nonetheless, the dark kokoa adds a touch of bitterness to your usual sweet milk drink, and the almond crumble coated in chocolate chunks gives each sip a pleasant crunch.

While I do think that FRNK is overhyped, this milkbar presents you with a refreshing variety of all the shapes and wonders of milk and milk-alternatives, without making you feel too guilty about it: pack a punch of milk, chocolate, and almonds for only 260 calories!

Cinnamon Miruku

In this corner, weighing in on only 120 calories, undefeated in daily and mile-long lines at Glorietta 3…Cinnamon Miruku!

From Japanese, “miruku” translates to milk; again, milk is the star of all FRNK’s drinks. Cinnamon Miruku tastes just like what it’s called: cinnamon milk, a sweet and spicy take on your typical dairy.

While I am a cinnamon devotee, many others aren’t. And even for me, the basil drops (think of them as a cross between sago and chia seeds) add a little too much cinnamon with every sip, so that I can’t finish a small cup by myself without feeling dizzy. But the magic of Cinnamon Miruku is that it tastes like 10000 grams of sugar for only a few calories.

For those sick and tired of milk tea, here’s a heavier and creamier version of a Chai Latte; except it’s cold and there isn’t any balance of flavors whatsoever: sweet, sweet, sweet!

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