Friday, October 22, 2021
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San Miguel Pale Pilsen Releases The Limited-Edition Larry Alcala X Rob Cham IconiCan

San Miguel Pale Pilsen continues to serve delightful bonding moments and unforgettable memories with its time-tested brew!

Papa John’s ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ Pizza Makes Its Annual Return For Halloween This Year

This Pizza is just so irresistible! Who would not love Pizza this Halloween?

This Lotion Leads To Something Better Than A Glow

Protect yourself from bacteria and germs while glowing all day with Myra Protecting Plus Vitamin Lotion, the antibacterial lotion that you need in your life right now

Get Glammed Up For Your Virtual Holiday Parties In A Few Easy Steps

Here’s Shopee Beauty’s guide to getting photo-ready for all your virtual holiday reunions:

Build Your Halloween Castle With This Oreo Chocolate Cookie Graveyard Kit

Your Halloween cookie structure doesn't have to be limited to gingerbread houses 'cause Oreo has now introduced their Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit for your next trick-or-treating.

Additional Dose Of Covid-19 Jab Depends On WHO Recommendation

The Department of Health is still awaiting the World Health Organization's official approval to add doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to the general public.

Adidas To Create And Put Their Best Foot Forward With The Launch Of The New Brand Center

LOOK; Adidas will be opening its new Brand Center in the Philippines soon!

You Can Now Wear A Foundation That Feels Like Your Own Skin – Only Better

Y.O.U Beauty introduces its newest NoutriWear+ Series, makeup products made with Litestay™ technology!

These Pumpkin-Shaped Hot Cocoa Bombs Will Keep You Warm This Spooky Season

These pumpkin spice-flavored, pumpkin-shaped hot cocoa bombs will take your sipping experience to the next level.

Sarabia Optical Is Now Back On Track This Season

Sarabia Optical has launched See the Difference, #SeeLifeClearly to educate the importance of eye health and eyecare for any lifestyle.

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