Beauty Queen Bod: 5 Tried And Tested Fitness Practices That Deserve A Crown

Ever wondered how beauty queens such as Miss Universe contestants achieve their jaw-dropping physiques? Getting that toned body definitely isn’t a small feat, but if you have enough patience and dedication, here are 5 workouts that’ll surely bring you closer to your beauty queen bod:

1. Fix that posture!

Turn heads by standing tall with your impeccable posture. Workouts that can help you stand tall include strengthening your core and lower back muscles. Exercises such as crunches and planks do just the trick! Plus, you can modify the exercises to target specific muscles that you’d want to enhance. Try out these workouts and exude confidence!

2. Cardio, cardio, cardio!

Cardio exercises are not only good for your heart, they’re also great at helping you shed those stubborn fats! Jogging for long periods mixed with bursts of sprints could help boost your metabolism, allowing you to get toned at an even faster rate. A good sweat sesh never fails to make you feel better!

3. Moderate strength training

Get ready for your bikini bod by shaping your body’s muscles to make you look tall and lean. Beauty queens don’t necessarily aim for large muscles, but would rather tone them at just the right amount to make them seem strong. That’s why strength workouts such as lifting or bodyweight exercises can be done 2-3 times a week.

4. Pilates

A whole body workout that tones your body without bulking it up too much? This is why supermodels and beauty queens enjoy pilates workouts the most! Pilates exercises allow you to challenge yourself, as well as allowing you to relax after one workout session. As a derivative of yoga, pilates lets you train both your mind and your body, and can even be a form of meditation.

5. Pick up a habit of stretching

Stretch out those muscles after a long day, even if you haven’t worked out! Creating your own stretching routine allows you to improve your flexibility and increase your range of movement. Doing so every day could even improve your strut or “catwalk,” so you better get to it!

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