Andi Manzano Shares Practical Tips On How Parents Can Transition To An Organic Lifestyle


With the current times changing the way we protect our own health and our family’s, a lot of moms are now starting to switch to organic options for their children’s food and nutrition.

While some moms tend to get the impression of such a lifestyle shift as unreachable, Promil Organic mom Andi Manzano shares her experience on how she made the choice to go organic and a few helpful tips on how her fellow moms can do so, too.

Start small and lead by example

Andi and husband GP got further motivated to make a lifestyle check when they had their first daughter, Olivia. Aside from staying active all throughout, she slowly started adding more greens and fruits on her plate and had a conscious effort of looking for healthier options to serve at home. “I would get organic peanut butter instead of what was on the shelves and if we could make it from scratch, then the better.”
She also believes that kids see how they are every day and that she wants to lead by example. “In order for Olivia to eat more veggies and fruits, we had to show her that we, her parents, love eating them too.”

Integrate “greens” into your homes

Another good reason for Andi to do the shift is that she would also like to help reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals in the environment.

While eating more greens is one good start, going organic is not just limited to changing your diet. Gradually integrating naturally-made products into your household can also make a huge difference such as using handmade soaps instead of the bottled ones or adding plants into your homes. For example, citronella plants are natural mosquito repellants so you can place them in strategic areas to protect your kids from mosquito bites.

Support businesses that are into sustainability

Andi has admittedly always thought that going organic was beyond their budget and that it would be difficult to find. She, later on, found out that the prices of organic products were not much of a difference compared to the commercial ones. And apparently, more outlets sell organic produce.

Gather more information and enjoy the process

Now a mom of two beautiful kids, Andi mostly did her own research and listened to other moms on how to live healthier. She asked her fellow moms for their recommendations and drew inspiration from seeing the transition that they have made.

Going organic, for Andi, also means she had to know what she serves on the table – the process, how it is free from chemical pesticides, antibiotics, and added sugars.

“I got started in looking at labels, the food sources, etc.,” shared the 32-year-old mom. “It gives you peace of mind knowing that whatever you ate, drank, or put in your body was straight from the ground and no chemicals! Also, it has higher nutritional value!”

The Discovery

Although Andi doesn’t exclusively serve organic food to her family, she chooses smart when it comes to Olivia’s milk. After doing a thorough research and consulting fellow moms, Andi discovered Promil Organic.
Made by the leading formula milk manufacturer in the Philippines, Wyeth Nutrition, Promil Organic is made with 100 percent organic milk sourced from certified organic dairy farms. It is certified organic by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines Inspection and Services, Inc. It is the only organic formula milk in the Philippines intended for preschoolers aged 3 and above that contains DHA and AA—important nutrients that help support children’s brain development.

“It’s the best milk out there. It has the essentials every child needs every day,” Andi expressed.
Andi, who thankfully discovered Promil Organic through the help of her fellow moms, likewise encourages new moms who are considering taking the organic route to read about it and try it as well.