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5 Reasons Why Women Are Opting To Not Have Children

5 Reasons Why Women Are Opting To Not Have Children


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Parenthood- some say it’s a blessing, whilst others say it is a curse. One thing is for sure, that parenthood is not for everyone. Let’s face it, the world may have gotten more progressive or liberal but there is still the pressure for a woman to have a child. Whilst a man without a child is labeled as a bachelor, a woman without one can be labeled as an old maid, or too focused on her career. When in reality, having kids and raising them is one of life’s most difficult tasks and there are reasons why women opt to not have kids.

1. Having children is costly
Having kids whether it’s through being pregnant, adoption, in vitro fertilization, or surrogacy is expensive. That process alone is expensive but once the child is born, another batch of expenses such as health insurance, diapers, vitamins, food, and clothing. As the child grows, comes the want for new clothes and new technology. As soon as there is a desire to have a child soon, expenses add up. Children and their needs can easily cost millions, that is why women opt to not have children. They desire to be financially stable on their own or they simply cannot afford to have children.

2. Focus on the relationship
Some people say that having kids can cause some strain on a relationship. There can be arguments that child-related tasks are not equally distributed amongst the parents, no more time to cherish the relationship, and so on and so forth. Not having children gives a couple more time to focus on their relationship and develop it further.

3. Like time to yourself
Children take up a lot, A LOT of one’s time. Parents can say goodbye to their favorite hobby because now they need to attend their child’s many recitals. Women who opt to go childless like their time for themselves and simply want more of that. Some may view that as selfish but it is quite the opposite, even though humans are social beings there is a need to spend time with yourself and your thoughts.

4. Education is expensive
Although a woman may not want a child, she may think that if she were to have a child she would want him/her to be educated. Education can cost millions in total per child, not only education is costly but also what follows such as costs for school supplies and gadgets. Even without education, raising children is expensive but adding it on can easily double or even triple expenses.

5. Health concerns
Some may take the risk and prepare for the possible situation that a choice may have to be made between the mother or the child. Women who opt to not have children spare that from happening and prioritize their health. The woman and her family may also have a history of debilitating diseases that they do not want to pass on further. Aside from physical health concerns, there are mental health concerns as well. Having children can be stressful and these stressors can lead to mental health conditions. Thus, women opt to not have children.

Amongst many other personal reasons, these are some that women may believe. Having children can be many things, it can be a blessing, a curse, a regret, or a sought-after event. Nonetheless, women who do not opt to have children have their own reasons and should be respected no matter the reasons. After all, it is not the sole purpose of a woman to have children. As times progress, it’s important to keep in mind “to each her own”.

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