Tuesday, November 30, 2021

10 Must Watch Filipino Films On Netflix

10 Must Watch Filipino Films On Netflix


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Netflix, viewed as the most popular streaming service in the international field, has recognized the Philippines and its media art in terms of films. The crowd has been asking, and now Netflix is responding, there will soon be a lot of local content on the streaming service, as a collection of Filipino films.

This only means one thing for our fellow local movie geeks – more quality, hugot, and kilig to inspire and entertain us on our spare time, or even on daily basis! Yes, you got it right. Netflix has just offered a number of Filipino films on its site, and now that it’s in our grasp, why not start supporting our own products? After all, wouldn’t it be awesome to feel the love with our own language?

To spare your time and effort searching and scrolling on the site looking for the best Filipino film to start your binge-watch, we’ve listed 10 films that you should definitely not miss while you’re on the run to catch the local film-train ride.

1. Vince & Kath & James

If you’re in the mood for some chill but feels-induced vibe of a film, then Vince & Kath & James is definitely the movie you should watch.

Directed by Theodore Boborol, this narrative tells the story of an Engineering Student (Joshua Garcia) who has a deep crush on Kath (Julia Barretto), but can only express his feelings and desires through social media by posting six-worded romantic lines under the pseudonym Da Vince Quotes. The catch: he’s not the only one who has a crush on her. James, his cousin and their school basketball varsity player, is also interested in Kath. Acknowledging the wit and cleverness of Vince, but also oblivious to the feelings he has for the same girl, James asked Vince to charm the pretty, popular girl through sending anonymous text messages.

Just imagine what would Vince feel. Crazy, right?

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