10 Michael Scott GIFs That Describe Every Coworker You Have


Even though it finished its entire run, the US adaptation of The Office remains a comedic staple in the online community. With its memorable characters, iconic moments and relatable quotes, there is something for everyone from the employees of Dunder Mifflin to relate to the office everyman.

That includes the Scranton branch’s former regional manager Michael Scott, whose buffoonish charm and selfless personality makes him both funny and relatable. There are just so many moments when Michael reminded us of the variety of people we have at work.

For that, here are some Michael Scott memes that describes the coworkers we tend to have at our jobs:

1. The One Who Nosebleeds On Technicals

No one wants information overload, especially when we have loads of tasks to do (emphasis on the italicized word). So, what better way to explain technical jargon and other complicated areas than with layman’s language… of a five-year old.