10 Books Singles Can Read On Valentine’s Day

Wala kang makikitang magjowa kung nasa bahay ka lang. 😉

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If you are the type of person to find lovey-dovey couples annoying, you might want to avoid heading out on Valentine’s Day. To make sure you would not be bored the entire weekend, you can hit the bookstore as early as now and grab one of these books, depending on your feelings about love at the moment.

1. For those who need a wake-up call: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?

Ramon Bautista’s brutally honest novel takes a pick on young Filipinos’ love problems. The book is a compilation of Bautista’s answers to fans’ lovelife dilemmas sent to him online. Don’t be too intimidated by his honesty, though. While Bautista’s frankness might punch you right in the gut, his humor will instantly take the pain away.

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